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5,000 Play Beatstars Music Promotion

Beatstars  Music Promotion To Make You Stars

Get Beatstars  = 5,000 Play + plus organic favorite & reups for just $10
most play in usa, canada, uk

you can submit 1 url link or split maximum up to 10 link per order

Try To Send Requirements Any Beats from Different Website i figure Out or contact me first before you place an order!

i need url link just copy your link beatStars link
go to shopping order# and paste your link (instruction send after you paid)

you can add extra 100,000 streams or 200k play you can submit Airbit Or Beatstars
if you add extra services 100,000 streams total you receive 105,000 streams/hits/play
You Can send unlimited url link if you add extra services 100,000 or more streams

boost your confident someone play your track up to 5,000 hits

★ get your music be heard
★ high quality play
★ 12 hours less process
★ 1 day complete delivery
★ i can do also adding favorites,likes, repost, comment see drop down extra services
★ Always Available Support 24/7
★ buy beatstars plays
★ 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
★buy beatstars play, streams, follower, like, favorites, repost, comment